Unity Community Fund


The Unity Community Fund was initiated by Dr. Hope Hui Rising on January 1, 2020 to receive tax-exempt donations of land, goods, services, and cash to help establish, maintain, operate, and expand Unity Community, Inc., a non-profit corporation in Illinois. Unity Community, Inc. aims to create self-sufficient permaculture co-housing communities with mindfulness practices as the foundation upon which living unity is realized in a diverse collective of people from different backgrounds.


In addition to mindfulness practices, these communities seek to be where people from all walks of life can live, work, play, study, and research while being supported by various rehabilitation and job training programs as part of a structured curriculum in a residential campus setting.


The Unity Community Fund will help make these opportunities more affordable and available for veterans who dropped out of colleges, homeless veterans, as well as homeless women and children experiencing violence, abuse, and neglect.

Show your support by making your tax deductible donation to SICF.  Use the orange "Donate Now" button at the top left or bottom left of the screen and select Unity Community Fund or mail your check to: SICF, PO Box 1772, Marion, IL 62959.

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