Giving Cards are special feature provided by SICF.  Giving Cards work similar to gift cards, except that the person that receives a Giving Card can choose what nonprofit to support.


Purchasing A Giving Card

  • Giving Cards can be purchased online or to avoid credit card fees, you can mail a check to SICF.  After your purchase you will be contacted by SICF to get information on if you want a digital card, or you would like one mailed to you.  To purchase a Giving Card now, please click the Blue button labeled “Purchase Giving Card”
  • Giving cards can also be personalized, with a name or graphic on the front of the card.  Please contact SICF for more information.


Using A Giving Card

  • If you have received a Giving Card, please click the Green button labeled “Use Giving Card”
  • You will be taken to a page with more than 100 charitable causes that you can choose from
  • Press the Donate button and then enter the amount that you want to donate.  You can select multiple nonprofits.
  • When you are ready to checkout, you will find a blue button that says “Pay with Giving Card”
  • You will then be required to enter the code from your Giving Card.
  • If  you don’t use the full amount, then you can come back and use the rest another time


If you need assistance please contact us at or call our offices during regular business hours.



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The Southern Illinois Community Foundation engages the people of our region in building a tradition of philanthropy. We are committed to creating an opportunity for donors to participate in local community development efforts to address the changing needs of our community through charitable giving.