Acceptance of Grant

The Southern Illinois Community Foundation (SICF) has awarded your organization a grant . The funds shall be payable only to your organization, and no assignment, transfer, or encumbrance in favor of any other party shall be recognized, unless specifically authorized in the Grant Letter or Grant Agreement that you signed or received with the check.

Purpose of Grant

The funds from you grant are to be used for the purpose outlined in your Grant Letter or Grant Agreement.


In accepting this grant, the grantee agrees with the following conditions:
a. To use funds granted solely for the stated purpose, within the timeframe indicated.
b. To repay any portion of the amount granted, which is not used for the purpose of the grant or expended prior to the termination of the grant period.
c. To maintain financial records adequate to verify actions related to this grant.


All public announcements, news features, or information regarding your project must acknowledge the granting program that provided the funding for your grant.  Please refer to your Grant Letter or Grant Agreement.  SICF also maintains the right to publicize this grant in publications wherever appropriate.


Grants made and approved by the SICF Board of Directors may be rescinded in full or in part for any of the following reasons:
a. Grantee does not fulfill the obligations required in the Grant Letter or Grant Agreement.
b. The grantee organization loses its tax-exempt status and/or ceases to exist within the duration of the grant period.
c. The Grantee organization determines the original purpose as described in the proposal is no longer viable and notifies the Foundation of its inability to complete the project.

All rescission’s will be approved by the SICF Board of Directors. The Grantee organization will be notified in writing that the grant has been rescinded and, where applicable, a copy of the notification will be sent to the fund advisor of the Donor-Advised fund if applicable. If the grant were paid prior to the rescission, the Grantee organization would be required to return any funds that were not expended for the stated grant purpose. If the organization does not repay the funds within a reasonable time period and following due process, the Foundation may seek legal recourse.

Review of Grant Activity

The grantee agrees to furnish SICF with a final report within 30 days of completion of the project, or as required and stated in your Grant Letter or Grant Agreement.  For grants that required an application, your grant report might be sent to you through the same portal you applied for the grant.  You may check the Grant Report page at for a copy of required reporting.

Remaining Questions

For all other questions please email or contact SICF directly.



The Southern Illinois Community Foundation engages the people of our region in building a tradition of philanthropy. We are committed to creating an opportunity for donors to participate in local community development efforts to address the changing needs of our community through charitable giving.