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Community Conversations, is an initiative brought to you by the Southern Illinois Community Foundation (SICF).  Community Conversations are a roundtable that allows us to engage individuals throughout Southern Illinois to have conversations on topics that are sometimes hard, sometimes uncomfortable, but more than anything they are needed to help us understand the challenges and that our friends and neighbors are facing.


With Community Conversations, we are bringing together members of our community to discuss how it is affecting us right here, right now. And we are doing so in a manner that allows us to have this uncomfortable discussion in an open environment where it is safe to ask any question, and with the utmost respect to everyone that is participating.

While the actual Community Conversations take place over a couple hours, we are breaking them down by question and posting them online 1 at a time.  We ask that as people watch these videos, that they do so with an open mind, open heart and with respect to those that are speaking from their experience.

So far, we have had Community Conversations in Murphysboro and Cairo.  So long as we have funding, our plan is to continue to have these discussions in towns throughout Southern Illinois. 

These videos may not be the final discussion we all need to have, but our hope is that it helps to find a better way understand each other and to continue the Community Conversation at home with our families, our friends and our community.


Thank you and keep the conversation going.

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