Cliff Stein Memorial Scholarship


Cliff Stein played sports (mainly basketball) all of his grade school years.  At the end of his eighth grade year, he was told by doctors at the National Institute of Health at Bethesda, Maryland, that he had inherited a rare heart condition.  At the time the doctors informed him that he could no longer participate in sports.  This was very devastating news for Cliff. 


Cliff’s coach, Tom Ashman, stepped up and helped Cliff get involved in teaching young boys basketball handling techniques.  Cliff had about 15 boys ranging from first grade to sixth grade.  They would perform during halftime at high school basketball games.  This became known as the Cliff Stein Murphysboro Zips.  This continued until his senior year. 

On October 8, 1976 Cliff was changing class and collapsed in the hall, his heart had stopped beating. 

Cliff’s classmates, friends and family came together and created the Cliff Stein Memorial Scholarship.

Your thoughtful donation will allow the Cliff Stein Memorial Scholarship Fund to continue to support graduating males that exemplify Dedication, Unselfishness, Loyalty and Service just like Cliff.



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