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GiveSI Registered Nonprofits

GiveSI Nonprofits

GiveSI - Benefit All of Southern Illinois

Donations to this selection will be granted out to nonprofits throughout Southern Illinois


Donations to this will be used by SICF to continue its work supporting philanthropy throughout Southern Illinois.


This selection supports the important work of the United Way of Southern Illinois

United Way of South Central Illinois

Massac County United Way

African American Museum

The purpose of the African American Museum of Southern Illinois is to identify, preserve, and portray outstanding achievements in African American history and culture. Founded in 1997, the museum is a non-profit organization run solely by volunteers. It is home to hundreds of artifacts, photographs, quilts, literary works and displays. This unique museum invites delight and introspection with rotating exhibits throughout the year serving visitors from the region and beyond.


Arrowleaf is a nonprofit human services organization that works to build well-being for Southern Illinoisans
throughout their lives so they can weather life’s storms, reach their full potential, and help our communities thrive.

Artstarts Company

Artstarts Company is a Southern Illinois based, non-profit charitable organization devoted to making the "Arts" accessible to all Southern Illinois children. We connect the community through the arts. We help artists astound the world by sharing what they are capable of becoming.

Our goal is to provide opportunities in the arts to a diverse population with the goal of including those who do not now participate in art programs due to cultural or economic barriers.

Attucks Community Services

The mission of the Attucks Community Services (ASC) is to serve primarily disadvantaged
residents of the Carbondale and other vulnerable populations in the area; who share the
demographics that produce social determinants of health for youth and families at risk.

Autism Society of Southern Illinois

We provide services without regard to a person’s age, race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, income level or level of need on the autism spectrum.

Bald Knob Cross of Peace, Inc.

Among the foothills of the Ozark Mountain range that stretch into Union County and southern Illinois, rises a beacon, a monument of peace, faith, charity, and of hope.

Bartolotti Scholarship

The Richard Bartolotti Scholarship has been created by his family and friends who knew an loved Richard and all he did to support his family, friends and the community.
Richard Bartolotti was a Vietnam veteran serving in the United States Marine Corps and was a Silver Star and Purple Heart recipient. He was a member of the UMWA, Franklin County Housing Authority Board, Christopher American Legion, Sesser VFW and a Life Member of the Disabled American Vets.
This scholarship program has been established to serve as a lasting tribute of Richard Bartolotti.

Boy Scouts of America, Greater St. Louis Area Council

Scouting’s programs and outdoor adventures give young people the opportunity and freedom to explore a world beyond the boundaries of everyday life. It presents them with chances to try new things, provide service to others, build self-confidence and develop leadership skills. These experiences not only help Scouts while they are young, but also stay with them throughout their adult lives, growing into exceptional men and women that respect their family, community, religion, country and themselves.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Illinois

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Illinois.....

Brehm Preparatory School Foundation

Brehm Preparatory School Foundation supports the mission of Brehm Preparatory School and OPTIONS Transitions to Independence to empower students with learning disabilities and disorders to recognize and optimize their full potential throughout their lives.

CASA of Franklin & Hamilton Counties

The purpose of the CASA program is to support and provide well trained court appointed special advocates to work one on one with abused and neglected children (Birth -18 years of age) who enter Franklin County Juvenile Court system. A CASA Volunteer investigates the the facts surrounding the case makes recommendations to the court, and monitors the case until permanency is achieved.

CASA of Jefferson County

Your support and contributions will enable our trained volunteers to work with legal and child welfare professionals, educators, and service providers to advocate for the best interest of children that have been abused and/or neglected that are under the supervision of the Marion County judicial system in order to ensure a safe and permanent home.

CASA of Marion County

Your support and contributions will enable our trained volunteers to work with legal and child welfare professionals, educators, and service providers to advocate for the best interest of children that have been abused and/or neglected that are under the supervision of the Marion County judicial system in order to ensure a safe and permanent home.

Cairo Women's Shelter

We provide comprehensive domestic violence services in Alexander, Hardin, Massac, Pope, Pulaski and Union Counties.

Can's Can Ministries

Can’s Can works to provide students and teachers with all the tools necessary for success in classrooms across Southern Illinois. From pencils to technology, we provide a wide range of services and products for those in need in the classroom.

Carbondale Warming Center

It takes a village we are an emergency homeless shelter in Carbondale IL.
For the sake of human dignity, safety, and survival.

Carbondale NAACP

Founded in 1909 in response to the ongoing violence against Black people around the country, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is the largest and most pre-eminent civil rights organization in the nation. Our mission is to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons.

Cedarhurst Center for the Arts

Cedarhurst Center for the Arts inspires the people of southern Illinois with art, culture, and nature! Serving 50,000 people annually, Cedahurst’s mission is to generate enthusiastic participation in and support for the visual and performing arts in Mt. Vernon, southern Illinois, and the surrounding region, and to provide opportunities that increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the arts.


Centerstone provides a full range of mental health and substance use disorder services to help you get through the tough times and live your best life.

City of Carbondale Parks and Recreation Foundation Fund

This fund has been established for the express purpose of supporting improvements to properties owned and managed by the City of Carbondale that operate as public parks, open spaces, or other recreational spaces and in addition, to assist with providing recreational programming opportunities.

The fund was established by the City of Carbondale Parks & Recreation Foundation Committee.

Cliff Stein Scholarship

Cliff Stein played sports (mainly basketball) all of his grade school years. At the end of his eighth grade year, he was told by doctors at the National Institute of Health at Bethesda, Maryland, that he had inherited a rare heart condition. At the time the doctors informed him that he could no longer participate in sports. This was very devastating news for Cliff.
Cliff’s coach, Tom Ashman, stepped up and helped Cliff get involved in teaching young boys basketball handling techniques. Cliff had about 15 boys ranging from first grade to sixth grade. They would perform during halftime at high school basketball games. This became known as the Cliff Stein Murphysboro Zips. This continued until his senior year.

The Climate Economy Education Inc

The Climate Economy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to help everyone, everywhere generate people-centered climateventures through education and programs so every individual achieves prosperous net zero emissions in their lifestyles and work in order to bring and keep all the Earth’s natural systems in balance for current and future generations.


Promoting positive, healthy changed for individuals and communities through engagement, education, treatment and recovery.


CORE is committed to continuing our residents efforts. CORE provides residents who reside in low income housing education and support on how to fully utilize available resources and insight that can be implemented into their day to day life enabling them to see their efforts transform into personal growth and success.


We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting individuals searching for their biological parent(s) using DNA interpretation, mapping, and extensive research. For clients struggling with news of a Non Paternal Event (NPE, also referred to as Not Parent Expected) or adoption, we offer support and fellowship in our private online group. Our services come at no cost to you.

Dispute Resolution Institute, Inc.

The mission of Dispute Resolution Institute, Inc. (DRI) is to help people in conflict find common ground, resolve disputes, and reach agreement.

Dr Micheal Mugge Scholarship

This fund was established by Diane Mugge to provide grants to further the education of qualifying graduating seniors in Murphysboro School District 186 pursuing higher education. The primary focus will be seniors attending college majoring in music education. If there is not a sufficient pool of applicants, a secondary focus will be on students studying agriculture.
​Dr. Mugge devoted his life to the success of the children. With this dedication he was the visionary for the Southern Region Early Childhood Program and very instrumental in the building of General John A. Logan Elementary School.

Egyptian Area Agency on Aging

We help people age 60 and older & their caregivers, people raising the children of their relatives, people with disabilities, volunteers, and veterans.
As a non-profit agency, we serve the Illinois counties of Alexander, Franklin, Hardin, Gallatin, Jackson, Johnson, Massac, Perry, Pope, Pulaski, Saline, Union, and Williamson.

First Missionary Baptist Food Pantry

Food Works

Food Works is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a sustainable food economy in Southern Illinois.

Through farmer training and consumer education, Food Works promotes long-term farming networks that create healthy soils, healthy food, and healthy communities in the 23 counties that make up Southern Illinois.

For Kids' Sake

The For Kids’ Sake mission is to create a sustainable program that provides underprivileged children with quality education, good health, right livelihood and a safe environment.

Foster Family Resource Center of Southern Illinois

The mission of the Foster Family Resource Center of Southern Illinois is to meet the immediate needs foster families by providing them with the supplies and goods necessary for the foster children in their care. We offer these items to foster families completely free of charge.

Fowler Bonan Foundation - Heavens Kitchen

Heaven’s Kitchen in Harrisburg and Marion opens its doors to serve a free meal to all those in need.

Fowler Bonan Foundation - Clothes for Kids

The Fowler Bonan Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, incorporated in the state of Illinois, whose primary mission is to provide clothing and shoes to low income children. The Foundation also assists, on a limited basis, families suffering temporary hardship due to disasters such as fire or illness, as well as other youth-related charitable endeavors

Friends of Murphysboro

The Friends of Murphysboro Foundation (FOM) has established the Friends of Murphysboro Legacy Fund to provide a lasting funding source for live music events at the Shell at Riverside Park in Murphysboro, IL.

Good Samaritan Ministries - A Project of the Carbondale Interfaith Ministries

Good Samaritan Ministries is a tax-exempt organization, established in 1985 by Carbondale Interfaith Council, to provide services to the needy in the Carbondale area. We provide an emergency shelter, a transitional housing program, a soup kitchen, a food pantry, and an emergency assistance program.

Goreville Park Improvement Fund

Goreville Park Improvement Committee has established a fund to make improvements to the Goreville Village Park.

The Greenhouse Foundation

The Greenhouse Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to the production of food products. This is done by providing housing and training to children aging out of foster care that would otherwise become homeless, while building them a strong knowledge base and work skills.

Guardian Family Services

Guardian Family Services is a domestic violence service near Metropolis, IL providing help for people dealing with domestic abuse.

Darren Haney Scholarship

These scholarships are given in memory of Dr. Darren W. Haney, who served as the ESL Coordinator for the
Murphysboro School District for three years {2017-2020), where he taught ESL at the high school as well as at the elementary and middle schools.

Herrin House of Hope

The Herrin House of Hope is a ministry that helps the needy in the Herrin area. It is sponsored by the Herrin area churches, businesses, and residents who recognize that Jesus calls us to care for one another and especially those who are unable to meet their basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter.

Tim Herring Scholarship

This scholarship program has been established as a lasting tribute to Tim’s love of baseball & softball by the friends and family of Tim Herring.

Honor Wreaths for Veterans

Honor Wreaths For Veterans was organized to honor, remember, assist with special needs, and educate people about our veterans. Our purpose is to place wreaths on graves of U.S. veterans: maintain U.S. veteran cemetery plots; and other veteran charitable needs.

Humane Society of Southern Illinois

The Humane Society of Southern Illinois is a 501(c)3 open-access, non-profit animal shelter located between Carbondale and Murphysboro, Illinois.

Immanuel Lutheran Education Fund

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