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GiveSI is a commnuity day of giving for all of Southern Illinois in conjunction with the global movement: Giving Tuesday. During this event, News 3 WSIL, SICF, and UWSI will be launching a 30 Hour campaign for non-profits throughout Southern Illinois.

What Can Your Nonprofit Do?

Your nonprofit can sign-up for GiveSI and then utilize

the GiveSI toolkit to generate donations thru your personalized

link to GiveSI.   Donations made to your nonprofit at GiveSI during the event, are eligible for the qualified Matching Pool, which will be awarded based on the percentage of overall giving to the participating nonprofits.


Example: A nonprofit that raises 2% of the GiveSI total will receive 2% of the qualified Matching Pool!  The Matching Pool helps every donation by our community go a little bit further.

Nonprofit Qualifications for GiveSI

  • Must be a 501c(3) or have a fund at SICF

  • Must agree to Terms & Conditions (see website for full list)

Nonprofit Benefits for GiveSI

  • SICF, News 3 WSIL & UWSI do all of the planning and advertising

  • GiveSI toolkit with Website and Social media materials

  • SICF & UWSI raise all of the Matching Pool funds

  • Name/Logo recognition at & Facebook

  • Name/Logo announced on News 3 WSIL multiple times

  • Donations you generate through your link to GiveSI during the event will be eligible to receive a Matching Pool bonus

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